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Playful intimacy

Simon Magnus

he | him


18:00 - 19:30

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In this workshop we will bring play deeper into your body and use it to create moments of intimacy with yourself and others. What does it mean to be playfully intimate? Play is a fundamental part of what makes us human; it’s how we learn, how we connect and how we deepen our relationships. However for a lot of us true instinctual play doesn’t play a role in our adult lives. Let’s change that together!

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Simon Magnus

Simon Magnus runs workshops that use play and creativity to help you reconnect to a deeper sense of yourself and see your place in the communities we are part of. He has spent the last 20+ years developing methods from improvised theatre to somatic trauma work to bring people back in touch with their bodies. Working from mental health settings to corporate teams, he takes people on journeys which unmask a deeper self.

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