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Layers of connection

Sanjay Kumar

he | they


18:00 - 19:30

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We will endeavour to look at ourselves using relationship counsellor Ann Ladd's Layers of Personality. We will identify our 'Protective layers' which include our 'Images' with portray to the world, our 'Shamers' or our judgements and prejudices we have on ourselves and others, our 'Vulnerability Layer" which relates to our historic wounding and our true 'Essence Layer'. We will look in and hear from each other how we inhabit and invest in each of these and how they define the quality of our connections with ourselves and others including intimate partners. We will learn from each other how we may allow our Essence to shine through so that our connections become more mutually meaningful, revolutionary and satisfying. We will look at how we may manifest our connections intentionally, authentically, mindfully, respectfully and compassionately.

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Sanjay Kumar

I am a psychotherapist who integrates Western modalities of therapy such as Existential, Psychodynamic and Humanistic approaches as well as Eastern modalities such as mindfulness and meditation. For the past 20 years I have been facilitating spaces of self exploration and evolution for individuals and groups who identify as white and non-white bodied, who come from gender, sexual and relationship minorities as well as people living with HIV. I have a private online practice and also run a counselling service for NAZ London which is the oldest and primary sexual and mental health and wellbeing service for non-white bodied people in London.

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