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 | Stretch October 2021

Ahmad Baba

Decolonizing Embodiment: an intersectional approach to Dance Movement Therapy


Our bodies stand as witnessing sites of our life long compiled experiences, although everybody is a body, our bodily experiences differ due to gender, race, class, ability and sexual orientation. These intersectional aspects are stored in our flesh and bones, becoming the stories we tell about and present our bodies in the world. Oppressions experienced by Queer and Trans* bodies, specifically of color, shape who they are, and when body-centered practices and somatics sets the white, heterosexual, abled, male body as the standard to measure all “ other “ bodies, the embodiment experience(s) of marginalized communities are targets for being stereotyped, considered aggressive and always approached through a colonial lens. In this workshop we will process, using dance and movement interventions, how can we decolonize the “one” embodiment experience, bringing forward the stories our bodies hold within, and how we can embody the resilience we developed, through the layers of oppression; from micro aggressions to racism, from resistance to empowerment, so we can find our ways back to our body(s) through an intersectional approach to dance movement therapy.

The workshops will last one and a half hour including an opening circle, several interventions and a closure/reflection round ending the session. You don't need to have dance experience. These workshops are a priority for QTBIPOC individuals, and everybody else is welcome if they understand the space they are attending and their position in it.
Bring your body, and wear comfortable clothes.


Ahmad Baba (He/Him)
is an interdisciplinary social artist, currently a dance movement therapist (M.A) in the making, investigating intersectionality in arts therapies, gender body politics and mental health for marginalized communities. Since 2016 he is conceptualizing, performing and developing projects that are based on pragmatic critical collective practices and workshops, with QTBIPOC groups and artists, focusing on alternative narratives for identity(s) and a different approach to experiences of oppression(s), that communities of color face in western societies.


11:00 - 12:30 CET

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