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 | Stretch October 2021

Jason King

Touch Yourself! Explorations in Self-Pleasure


Do you own your pleasure? Many of us get stuck in the same patterns of masturbating, limiting the fullness of pleasure we could be experiencing. In this workshop, you're invited to become your greatest lover. You’ll learn how to explore full body pleasure, tuning in to your body's desires and finding your juiciest pleasure zones. In exploring new masturbation techniques and owning what holds you back, you'll reach new levels of erotic freedom and self-acceptance.


Jeremy Shub currently works as a sex therapist, sex educator, Sexological Bodyworker and sex coach. He lives in Amsterdam. He identifies as polyamorous, sex worker, kinky and queer. Jeremy has university degrees in Education, Science, Creative Art and Sexual Health. He has facilitated many workshops on sexuality, relationships and frolicking.

Jason King is a Sexological Bodyworker and somatic sex educator. He is passionate about helping people expand their sense of what’s possible in their sex lives. Jason works with individuals and groups to manifest powerfully healing embodied experiences, build community, and embrace our erotic oneness.


16:00 - 17:30 CET

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