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 | Stretch October 2021

Jorge De Hoyos

Fake Healing


Fake Healing is an exchange that prioritizes deep listening, improvisation and collaboration, it was brought into the contemporary queer dance and performance world by Keith Hennessy and is inspired by Valentina Desideri’s Fake Therapy and Jennifer Lacey’s Fake Art Therapy. Keith writes about it: “Fake Healing is a kind of joke that just might work. Torture is everywhere, so healing needs to be queerly re-imagined for the current era.”


Jorge De Hoyos is a contemporary dancer, performer and choreographer from California, based in Berlin since 2012. He loves to channel sexual and sensual energy when he warms up to dance… it is a potent and grounding way to connect to his own body and joyful when he can share this on the gogo platform, in a rehearsal room, a stage or on the dance floor.

Jo Koppe is on an ongoing journey of weaving, integrating and sharing a variety of different experiences, practices and perspectives. He has a background in dance as well as in Sociology and Gender studies. He has worked as a performer and dramaturg, in social justice education, as a tantra masseur, as a personal assistant for differently abled people, and in end of life care. He has been initiated into the “natural religion of being trans” and thus “almost automatically being a witch” (says Anohni).


16:00 - 17:30 CET

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