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 | Stretch October 2021

Peter Pleyer

Slow Motion Love rave


Slow motion moving from bonding with the earth, rolling, crawling, rising and sinking. Activating the spiral in your body for beeing together in the studio, in the world, in all directions, 360 degrees. Reaching for each other with open arms, from a softened heart. Seeing each other and being seen by each other. Possibility of undressing yourself or help others to undress. Going really slow allows for a negotiating approach to consent without words.


Peter Pleyer is a dancer and choreographer living in berlin. He choreographs solo and group work and teaches internationally. In the stretch village he is facilitating the queer-contact improvisation lab in a team. Sensuality, physicality, awareness, open eyes and open heart are the key elements in his teaching and living.


18:00 - 19:30 CET

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