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an introduction

Kai Ehrhardt & Michael Rolnick


19:00 - 20:00

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DARE TO LOVE!! Align your life, sexuality and relationships with your most essential values and desires. Embrace who you are and engage from your truth. Connect to what’s essential. Dare to be present, truthful and alive.
Kai & Michael look forward to answering your questions as well as giving an overview of the One Year Training.

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Kai Ehrhardt & Michael Rolnick

Our facilitation style is experience-based and marked by passion, integrity, presence, playfulness and depth. He draws from various cutting edge disciplines concerned with embodiment, psychology, sexuality and teaches heart-centered relational skills around intimacy and communication. By asking the question: “What is Eros?”, we cast an arch from the body to sexuality, to gender and community all the way to the wider dynamics within the web of life.

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