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Beginner-level: massage and touch!

Mads Ananda Lodahl



14:00 - 16:00

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In this workshop you will learn very basic skills in touch and massage. We invite a curious, playful attitude, and appreciation of "beginner's mind". Every body and level is welcome (maybe you want to feel like a beginner again?) but the aim of the workshop is to create a space for those who might not feel naturally confident with touch and massage. Hopefully, you can gain confidence by getting new knowledge and learning simple techniques.

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Mads Ananda Lodahl

I am a certified massage therapist (Thai massage, Swedish massage, MindBody Therapy) and work primarily with queer and trans clients in the SPACE clinic in Copenhagen. I have been giving workshops and lectures for more than 15 years and I especially enjoy bringing "beginners" into new areas of life, wether that be queer-theory, creative writing, gardening, magic, or body work. A good massage/touch session is based on a mix of skills, knowledge, intuition, and connection.

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