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Naked Stretching

Sergio Patricio



11:00 - 13:00

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Stretching naked is the full experience of acceptance and embracing the diversity of bodies and inclusion. Without training clothes the body expands itself to a different level, individually and collectively. The first section connects oneself with waking up the spine, shoulders and arms. The middle section engages the large muscles: abs, legs and butt. By the last part all muscles are engaged and supple. Final stretching is elongating muscle and connecting inner tissues. Stretching naked together is a beautiful experience of self-awareness, loving yourself and not a sexual approach, basically it is about feeling natural your body and free as persona.

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Sergio Patricio

I am Dr. Phil. Sergio Patricio, MA. Time-based media artist, art researcher and stage designer. I graduated from the Die Angewandte - University from the Master in Arts; Art and Science and finished in Feb. 2021 my Doctor of Philosophy; art research and cultural studies. Choreographer, performer and contemporary dancer.

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