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Celebrating our bodies through (nude) photography

Patrick Emmanuel



14:00 - 16:00

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For many of us, our body has been the battlefield of self rejection or just flight from the confrontation with our being "different". Capturing its (often naked) beauty by taking photographs in contrast, became a powerful way for me to reappropriate my body and to celebrate its uniqueness. You will be guided to try out safely showing, capturing and discovering more of who you are, as naked as you like. (Phone or camera recommended). Fun allowed!

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Patrick Emmanuel

Patrick has traveled the world for 25 years in 100 countries to help connect with the deepest essence and love. However, due to his strong Christian background, he suppressed his (homo-) sexuality till he was kicked out from his mission group in 2011. Since then intense development towards reconciliation of his sexuality and spirituality. Training and professional activity as a tantra masseur, instructor and sacred intimate. Workshops with elements of tantra, conscious touch, radical honesty. (spirituality and sexuality) (photography)

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