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A journey to your queer superpowers

Daniel / Didine

he / she


14:00 - 16:00

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In this workshop we want to empower each other to see the queer Superpowers we all have and that are existing for thousands of years: topics like transition or queerness are part of the oldest narratives of mankind and seem to be the way forward to find new solutions for mankind. Let us proudly activate these queer superpowers in a mixture of lecture, workshop and improvisation exercises. Aimed at everybody who sometimes struggles to see the amazing beauty in themselves.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg

Daniel / Didine

Daniel / Didine is an LGBTIQ*activist for over 30 years, is performing as a dragqueen, has her own radio show, gives lectures in philosophy, is founder of the Femininity Museum in Hamburg, is organizing an arts & philosophy think tank and an art festival in Southern France, owns a perfume company and is consultant for luxury companies.
But most of all she is a proud 'queer Mum': on her famous sofa she is speaking and coaching regularly queer individuals who struggle with their role and identity in the heteronormative world.

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