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Rope 101


No Pronouns


16:30 - 18:30

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Join Caritia to walk your very first steps in learning Japanese-inspired rope bondage. Caritia will encourage you to playfully build your skills, grounded in boundary setting and curiosity about the fundamentals of tying and being tied.

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bio_Hugh Ryan.jpg


Caritia’s fascination with the root/the body stems from a longing to deeply ‘listen’ to (her) body holistically, from the inside out. With over 20 years of kink and BDSM knowledge at the base of (her) educational, consulting and coaching profile. Self-identifying as queer / LGBTQIA+ spectrum, a sex worker, dominant, educator and co-founder of Karada House & OhYesPlease, who lives with dyslexia and perceives self as an ongoing work in progress. British-born, Berlin-based, Afro Caribbean descended individual, who uses no pronouns in everyday life. BDSM is the grounding for 80% of Caritia's work.

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