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Sincere Listening - See the Person. Strengthen Relationships.

Martin Cederberg



11:00 - 13:00

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In a society with much focus on self-fullfillment and individualism, we may get better at expressing ourselves, our feelings and needs. But what does it matter if we aren’t equally good at listening to what people around us are sharing?

This workshop is about getting better at listening. We do this in couples by exploring some simple communication tools as listeners. Think about somethings you’d like to share during the workshop - small or big.

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Martin Cederberg

My name is Martin Cederberg. During my years as a corporate manager, I realized how much I enjoyed coaching team members. I saw the value of the coaching tools I learned at leadership trainings, also when communicating with my partner, friends, and boss. I felt it made my relationships stronger and that I could better help friends in need. I decided to study coaching closer and now have a diploma in life coaching (ICF methodology).

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