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 | Stretch October 2021

David James

Intergenerational Conversations


The extended family has been an essential tradition through history. As gay and queer folks, however, our biological families can be problematic; but as a group and a continuum, we can be each other’s family. A we’re stronger together, sharing our experiences, learning from our rich variety of different generations and intersectionalities, gathering insights and ideas so each of us can move forward with fresh energy in what can feel like an increasingly unstable world.

A workshop where small mixed-age groups can just talk about topics of common interest (isolation, intimacy, friendship) from different perspectives. This emotional shared closeness as older and younger siblings can be a wonderful thing! The workshop is welcoming to all, no matter what pronouns you are most comfortable with.


David James has worked as a theatre maker in New York, LA, London and Melbourne, currently leading BOOK Music & Lyrics, a professional development workshop for musical theatre writers, composers, lyricists & directors. He began spiritual awareness joining Al-Anon in 1985, leading beginners’ sessions at the Manhattan Gay & Lesbian Community Centre. He later studied with Louise Hay, Bernie Siegel and Stephen Levine, and was a founding member of Cynthia O’Neil’s Friends In Deed.


16:00 - 17:30 CET

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