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 | Stretch October 2021

Jochen Stechmann

Safer Stretch - Tools for Selfregulation and Selfcare


Safer Stretch introduces some practical, body based and resource oriented tools to help you navigate challenging situations during Stretch - emotionally, mentally, physically.
In individual and group exercises, using our ability to connect to ourselves and others, we develop some fun strategies for moments when you are triggered or slightly overwhelmed. This might support you to enjoy the festival in a more regulated state, in a good contact with yourself and with an elevated capacity to make new connections.


Jochen works as Bodyworker (Pantarei Approach) and graduating Traumatherapist (Somatic Experiencing) in Berlin in one-to-one session and group workshops, mainly with queer identified people.
He studied Mathematics, Contemporary Dance and Theatre and has been busy for 15 years as Performer and Choreographer in the Netherlands.
He is fascinated by the variety of abilities of the body and the nervous system to intuitively regulate itself, and how empathetic, attentive touch can support this process.


11:00 - 12:30 CET

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