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 | Stretch October 2021

Tom Barber

The Importance of Feeling Safe


We are highly evolved, adaptable, social, intelligent, emotional and playful animals! How we experience the world and ourselves often depends on how safe we feel. At times we need to be defensive and protective, in other moments we feel safe enough to be open and playful. This workshop is a gentle introduction to various exercises that guide us to the physical reality of safety, inspired by my experience of running retreats, and by Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory.


I'm the founder of a Yoga community for GBTQ Men, teaching regular classes in Berlin and now hosting adventurous Men's retreats around Europe.
I'm trained in Forrest Yoga, Power Yoga and Meditation. My passion is to bring people together, to create a space where people feel free and empowered to face up to what holds them back in life, to embrace joy, to welcome pleasure, and to come alive!


11:00 - 12:30 CET

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